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To Go Menu

On the Side

2.99 ea.
Served with Pita Bread

Baba Ganoush
Cucumber Salad
Tabouli Salad
Mixed Olives

Yogurt & Cucumber Dip

Greek Salad
Sm. 3.45 / Lg. 4.95

Sampler Plater for 2
$10.99 per person


We always use the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Ask us about our vegetarian and vegan options

Homemade Baklava
Weekend Specials
(Check our Specials board Friday-Sunday)
1. Fesnjan: (Pmegranate Stew) made w/chick & Walnuts serve on Basmati rice & Saffran.
2. Ghormeh Sabzi (Beef Stew) with Herbs, dried Lemon & Kidny beans. Serve over Basmati Rice & Saffran
3. Ghaymeh Badenjan Stew (fried Eggplant, Beef, yellow Split Peas & Tomato Paste. Serve over Basmati Rice & Saffran.

Includes today’s special with 2 sides, pita and your choice of our Zand’s pastry or baklava.



Pomegranate Juice
Yogurt Soda
Bottled Water
Turkish Coffee
Persian Tea

Ms. Zand’s Pastries

Famous Cream Puff
Napoleon Fruit Puff
Original Roulettes
Chocolate Roulettes
Chocolate Éclairs
Persian Pistachio Baklava
Persian Almond Baklava


All platters served with two choices of sides, garnish and bread.

Famous Falafel 7.99
5 falafels, homemade tahini, tomatoes and pickles

Olivieh 7.99
persian style chicken salad

Dolma 7.99
stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs

Kotlet 7.99
fresh ground meat, potatoes, and bread crumbs

Kookoo Sabzi 7.99
parsley and dill veggie soufflé

Tah-Cheen 8.49
oven-baked basmati rice with chicken, saffron and barberries

Spanakopita 7.99
fillo dough layered with fresh spinach and feta cheese

Sampler Platter 10.99/person
try a little bit of everything, then come back for more


All sandwiches served with one sample side, tomatoes, Persian pickles, onions and parsley. Served on your choice of baguette, fresh pita (50 cents extra, lavash wrap or ($1.00 extra).

Famous Falafel Lg. 6.49
4 falafels, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade tahini

Chicken Breast 6.49
skinless tender white chicken breast

Olivieh 6.95
persian style potato salad with chicken

Kotlet 6.95
fresh ground meat, potatoes, and bread crumbs

Kookoo Sabzi 6.95
parsley and dill veggie soufflé

Persian Mortadella Bologna 6.49
garlic pistachio mortadella with fresh parsley and onions

Hummus & Cucumber 5.99
Fresh homemade creamy hummus, tahini and tabouli


Try Zand’s Catering for your dinner parties and social get-togethers.

We are capable of serving large parties (unlimited) with a full array of menu choices and Persian dishes. Please ask us for details.



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